Located between Nice and Monaco, at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, Eze extends on a steep territory, going from the edge of sea to the steep piton where is located Èze-Village composed of old houses with medieval architectures. The Saint-Laurent-d’èze district connects the seaside to the village and is home to many exceptional villas with more recent architecture.


One of the remarkable peculiarities of the commune of Eze is to shelter “le Chemin de Nietzsche” starting from the seaside until the perched village, frequented by the famous philosopher who was inspired by it to write the third part of his “Zarathustra”.

Whether you are a professional or a private individual, it is with the same high standards of excellence and exclusivity that the Pisani Archi design office assures you a top-of-the-range quality for the management of your project.


Does your home have a few building faults? Do you require a new layout that’s more welcoming and functional?

To enable us to adapt our ideas to your new needs, we listen carefully to your expectations and pay particular attention to understanding your personality. Thus our collaboration allows us to set up a suitable plan and to create the decor which suits you.


Based on the existing plan, we adapt your current living space and bring your project to reality based on sketches and finalised by a 3D model. The plans will then enable us to take the technical constraints of the project into account. We carry out the administrative measures necessary to facilitate the setting up the building site (i.e. preliminary declaration of work or issue of building permit) and we provide you with a cost analysis so that you can comfortably keep your costs under control.


Regardless of whether you are a professional or a private individual, the Pisani Archi office ensures you get top of the range Project Management.


Discover some of our achievements in Construction. The company Pisani Archi, offers a tailor-made service, to create a personalized space that meets your desires.  Today, our knowledge of the field of building and property refurbishment enables us to efficiently manage all the trades working on your building site.


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