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The city of Nice is the economic and above all cultural capital of the Côte d’Azur. Situated between the sea and the mountains, it is the idéal location to live as you can find yourself in the mountains in the morning and at the seaside in the afternoon.

The history of the city had made the city today essentially divided in two. On the right side we can find more recent architecture of the Haussmannian style, while on the left side, the older « Paillon, » offers architecture and urbanism that is closer to the style of Torino, Italy.

Its past has allowed the city to acquire a very rich architectural heritage such as the palaces and private mansions as well as marvelous private residences up in the hills offering an unobstructed view over the city and the sea.


Since 1962, Pisani Archi puts all its creativity and hard work at the service of professionals as well as private individuals.

It is with a very high demand for excellence that the design office of Pisani Archi guarantees you rare quality for the management of architectural projects. From repairing defects to total construction, Pisani Archi is there for you.

We take a great deal of time to study your project so that it may be created in the best fashion possible. In order for our creativity to be expressed at its best and meet your new needs, we listen carefully to your wishes and your personality. Decoration will therefore be done subsequently in accordance with your wishes.


Pisani Archi takes care of all the administrative tasks, which takes a considerable load off your shoulders. Preliminary declaration of construction and issue of the construction permit are therefore our responsibility.
La réalisation d’une étude chiffrée détaillée vous aidera à prévoir votre budget le plus précisément possible.

Nous nous occupons de l’ensemble des activités et de la réalisation, allant du gros oeuvres aux finitions en coordonnant l’ensemble des corps de métiers afin de respecter les délais de la meilleure des façons.


Discover some of our achievements in Construction. The company Pisani Archi, offers a tailor-made service, to create a personalized space that meets your desires.  Today, our knowledge of the field of building and property refurbishment enables us to efficiently manage all the trades working on your building site.


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