Saint Laurent du Var

Renovation and decoration of your apartment in Saint-Laurent-du-Var

Bordering Nice, Saint-Laurent-du-Var is at the heart of the Alpes-Maritimes department. With its port galvanized by its numerous bars and restaurants, the commune attracts active Azureens as much as tourists from all over.

Expert in real estate, construction, renovation, and interior decoration, Pisani Archi steps in to carry out all your projects for nearly 60 years.


Renovate the interior of your home in your style

Do you happen to have recently acquired a property in Saint-Laurent-du-Var but the interior does not match your taste ? As time goes by, does your apartment no longer match your current wishes ?

Transformation of spaces, modernization of equipment, choice of furniture…Pisani Archi supports you to make your interior spaces the home of your dreams !

Talk to us about your projects and your desires. We put at your service all of our expertise and know-how to bring them to life. Sketches, outlines, 3D models…you are able to visualize with precision your future interior space.


Mastery of « know-how »

With great experience, we advise you at every step of your project.
100% peace of mind.

  • Pisani Archi coordinates all the trades involved, ensures the respect of timeframes and guarantees the quality of the production, from major work to finishing touches.
  • On the administrative side, we carry out all the steps for you : Preliminary declaration of construction or issue of construction permit.
  • Before construction, we present you with a detailed cost analysis in order to help you control your budget


Discover some of our achievements in Construction. The company Pisani Archi, offers a tailor-made service, to create a personalized space that meets your desires.  Today, our knowledge of the field of building and property refurbishment enables us to efficiently manage all the trades working on your building site.


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